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Registration and Other Legal Procedures

●Seal registration  ●Registration of marriages, divorces, births, and deaths

●Procedures for residential status and re-entry permits  ●Naturalization or Japanese citizenship

●Consultation services


Lifelines and Utilities

●Waste disposal  ●Water supply  ●Electricity  ●Gas  ●Telephone  ●Post office
●Banks and Other Financial Institutions


Emergencies/Disaster Prevention/Crime Prevention

●Earthquakes  ●Typhoons/floods

●Contacting family and friends in an emergency when there is no telephone service
●Fire  ●Sudden Illness/Accident   ●Crime Reporting  ●Reporting from Pay-Phones

●Crime prevention


Taxes and the National Pension

●Taxes  ●Due date for Municipal Taxes  ●Where to Pay Municipal Tax  ●Prepayment Reward System

●Tax certificate  ●National Pension Plan  ●Public medical insurance plan in Japan


Housing and Environment

●Renting accommodation  ●When keeping cats and dogs  ●Moving  ●Delivery service
●Returning to your home country  ●Transportation


Environmental Conservation

●For a healthy environment  ●Complaints and consultation on pollution ●Photochemical smog

●Pollution of rivers and the ocean  ●Daily life noise  ●Emissions  ●Prevention of global warming


Medical and Welfare Services

●If you become ill  ●Emergency ●Nursing Care Insurance Plan  ●Hospitals and clinics 

●Interpreter service at hospitals  ●Suita Municipal Health Center

●Medical consultation and other services for foreign residents  ●Comprehensive Regional Support Center


Child-rearing and Education

●Pregnancy and delivery  ●Medical checkups for children  ●Nursery school

●Assistance plans for single-female parent families  ●Kindergarten  ●Educational system in Japan
● Life-long learning  ●International Friendship


List of Cultural and Sports Facilities

吹田市役所〒564-8550大阪府吹田市泉町1丁目3番40号電話 06-6384-1231(代表) <市役所へのアクセス市庁舎案内図>



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